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The Kiroro, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Hokkaido
128-1 Tokiwa, Akaigawa, Yoichi-gun, Hokkaido, 046-0593, Japan

Top 10 Skiing and Snowboarding Tips for Beginners

New to the Slopes? Top 10 Skiing and Snowboarding Tips for Beginners  

Are you getting ready for your first taste of the exhilarating powder snow slopes of Kiroro? Read these top tips to get you started and keep you safe on the mountain.  

Before You Arrive:  

1. Lift Pass and Gear Rental A lift pass should be purchased in advance for the best savings. First-timers should always rent equipment, as the golden rule is to ‘try before you buy’.  

2. Book a Lesson Develop your skills under the watchful eye of a trained professional. This will save you wasted time, keep you safe and stop you from picking up bad habits from friends and other alpine sport enthusiasts.

Now You are Ready to Hit the Slopes:  

3. Get the Right Gear Beginners do not need professional gear. Well-fitting skis, the right length of snowboard and comfortable boots all help you to balance and perform maneuvers, while building your confidence and improving your technique.  

4. Wear Appropriate Clothing Gloves are essential to protect your hands, while legs and arms should be fully covered. Waterproof outer clothing with multiple layers underneath will help keep you warm, dry and comfortable.  

5. Travel Light You don’t want extra baggage to slow you down. Put essential items in your pockets, such as chocolate, sweets or granola bars to help keep up your strength.  

6. Secure Your Belongings Phones, wallets and personal possessions can easily disappear in the snow, so make sure you have zipped up all your pockets first.  

7. Stretch & Warm Up First Skiing and snowboarding require a great deal of flexibility, so stretch out those muscles and limit your risk of injury.  

8. Wear Ski Socks Your feet and ankles are crucial to your snow-filled adventures, so wear the correct ski socks to prevent cold and uncomfortable feet and improve performance.

9. Show Respect To ensure a pleasurable and safe environment for all, act responsibly, follow the safety guidelines and pay attention to other people on the mountainside.

10. Have fun Nothing quite matches the thrill of speeding down the slopes, so have fun and experience some of the most awe-inspiring mountain views in Kiroro.

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